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  • Sizes 12-24


Sizes 12-24

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Mimosa Silk Blouse
Regular price $275.00
Fiorella Dress
Regular price $798.00
  • Fiorella Dress
Marta Dress
Regular price $650.00
  • Marta Dress
Lucrezia Bell Sleeve Dress
Regular price $698.00
  • Lucrezia Bell Sleeve Dress
Fiorella Dress
Regular price $798.00
  • Fiorella Dress
  • Fiorella Dress
Rosa Wide Leg Pant
Regular price $295.00
  • Rosa Wide Leg Pant
Livia Blouse
Regular price $315.00
  • Livia Blouse
Bianca Plaid Pant
Regular price $295.00
  • Bianca Plaid Pant
Vittoria Silk V-Neck Blouse
Regular price $275.00
  • Vittoria Silk V-Neck Blouse





Leaf Green

Royal Blue

Green Print

Blue Print

"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."
―Coco Chanel

Have you ever found just the most perfect new outfit, except the color made your skin wash out? Yes, so have we.

That’s why at Gabriella Rossetti we’re offering our collections in three color palettes, so you can choose the shade that looks most stunning on you. Whether your skin and hair are cool tones or warm, or if you’re looking for a neutral shade, we’ve got you covered.

Each of our pieces is offered in a cool tone, a warm tone and a neutral tone—black. Three palettes so we can all look our most confident, happy selves.

Not sure what undertone you are? An easy indicator is whether silver or gold is most flattering. Think of 'most flattering' as the color that works more harmoniously with your skin tone and hair color. Silver indicates you have cool coloring and gold indicates warm coloring. Now start shopping—and know you’ll look your best.