Gabriella Rossetti

Who We Are

At Gabriella Rossetti we believe women of every size should have access to luxurious, well-made clothing. That every woman should be able to dress so she looks and feels her best. And importantly, we believe that no woman should be marginalized because her shape has curves.

Gabriella Rossetti is a new brand focusing exclusively on sizes 12-24. Think: luxury clothing in silks, wools, cottons, all sourced from some of the finest mills around the world. Fabrics incorporating stretch for ease of motion, and rich design details in each piece. Patterns are created on size 18 fit models so the fit is impeccable. These clothes are anything but basic.

Not only is the clothing visually beautiful, Gabriella Rossetti pieces are intended to serve our customers for years. Quality craftsmanship and high-caliber fabrics help ensure that with proper care Gabriella Rossetti clothing can look as attractive on the 50th wear as it did on the first.

Our company is named in reference to the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, whose lush, gorgeous painting glorify voluptuous women. Our collections mirror his passion, drawing design inspiration from the paintings of Rossetti himself, from the spirit and charm of our customers, and from the most appealing elements of sophisticated dressing. Our customers are stylish women seeking clothing to celebrate a womanly figure.

We're excited about Gabriella Rossetti and the standout clothing we offer. Come join us!

Gabriella Rossetti

on-demand production

We're also focused on reducing our carbon footprint. In contrast to the traditional fashion industry manufacturing model we're not producing inventory then hoping it sells. Instead, we're creating enduring pieces made on-demand. When a customer places an order with Gabriella Rossetti for a standard size and standard color, that item is cut, sewn, and readied for shipment in 36-48 hours. In this way each garment is destined for the woman who'll wear it--not for some warehouse or scrap heap.

To extend our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint, we’re using simple packaging that has been or can be recycled. We’re sometimes a bit nostalgic for the glossy packages and fluffy tissue that used to accompany luxury purchases, but helping slow global warming in the long term is more valuable to us than opening elaborate packaging once. We hope you feel the same.

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